Danny Travis

Yes, I AM Da Vinci and the whole world is REALLY my muse. Everything inspires me to write or to take pictures. It's my reason to live. I think ''living'' is the biggest gift we all have, you know, that we're ACTUALLY able to live in such a good way. Thank you, whoever. Peace, amen.

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» the name's danny . born in stuttgart, lives there. 18 years. can't live without a pen & a piece of paper. my room looks like a red/white cartoon hell  & i really love it that way. sometimes i think a few guys should smoke  more, so i don't have to see them when i'm older. i dunno what to think about alcohol, sometimes it's okay but i just can't stand people who drink, drink, drink till they fuck everyone. i know a lot of them. unfortunately. if you're like ''gosh. i'm so ugly'' or ''i hate my life'', you just don't cut deep enough, bitch. i sleep with a book in my hands. coke zero addiction.

literature & photography- loving.